Package org.equanda.generate

Class Summary
CaseConversionTest Checks for invalid case conversions
ChoicesTest Checks for invalid choices
CompareTest test case for compare limitations
ConstraintsTest test case for constraints
DefaultTest Checks for invalid defaults
DisplayTest test case for constraints for display fields
FailOnInvalidDefinitionTest test case for invalid definition
ImmutableAndMutableTest test case for immutable/mutable constraints in a parent table depending on fields from a child table
LinksTest Checks for invalid and valid links
LobTest Checks for constraints for Blob/Clob fields
MultipleTest test for multiple fields not allowing int and double
NamesTest test for invalid names for tables, fields and link-names
SelectTest Checks for invalid selects
SubjectoryTest Verify checks on subjectory entries
TableIncludeAndTypeTest Test for proper functioning of include (add in correct parent)
TableTest Test transformation and validation of table objects.
UniqueNameTest test case for unique name enforcement
UniqueTest test for unique fields not allowing multiple, calculated, link
ValueWhenNullTest Checks for invalid value-when-null constraints

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