FScript functions for handling files

  • open(filename, mode) : open the given file for reading (mode=="r") or writing (mode=="w"). Return a integer file descriptor which is later used to refer to the file. Returns -1 if the open failed.
  • close(fp) : close a file.
  • eof(fp) : TRUE when file is completely read.
  • read(fp) : read line from the file. Returns "" when the end of the file is reached.
  • write(fp, ...) : ge extra parameters worden in het gegeven bestand geschreven, gevolg door een newline.
  • delete(filename) : delete the given file.
  • rename(from, to) : rename the first filename to the second filename. Will actually perform a copy/delete ifthe rename does not work.
  • 1. FScript functions for handling files